Is the service free or charged?

The service as such is for free. The download of Master / Client application can be subject of charge.

The messages are forwarded via mobile data or WiFi and thus there are no extra charges for SMS / call events forwarding.


Can I copy SMS and call events from my iPhone as well?

Unfortunately not, iPhone does not support this. Your primary phone must be Android. The secondary phone or tablet can be either Android or iPhone/iPad.


I forget my password to be entered in client application or web

Simply go to MASTER application in your primary Android phone, cancel the registration and register again with new password.


Messages are not forwarded

We suggest to cancel registration of the service in both MASTER (on primary phone) and CLIENT (on secondary phone) application and register again.


Messages are not forwarded when phone is in standby mode

Some handsets have special energy savings modes (e.g. Stamina mode on Sony Xperia Z). It is necessary to switch this off completely or set exception for My Phone – MASTER application.


I can see only selected messages / calls events on my secondary device

The service copies automatically all messages to secondary device and all of them are stored there unless you delete them voluntarily.
On web there are viewed only max. 3 days old messages and call events.