How is it useful:

  • Would you like to have more comfortable access to your SMS messages from your tablet?
  • Do you hate frequent switching between phone / tablet for example when you just read something on your tablet and new message arrives to your phone?
  • Do you use two phones (numbers) in paralell but you don’t like to carry them both always with you?
  • Did you forget your phone at home but still you would like to see whether someone called or sent a message to you?
  • Would like to have better control what your children or someone else do with their phone?


How does it work:

  • Take Me to My Phone service automatically copies all new SMS and call events from your Android handset to your secondary phone or tablet

  • You can access these SMS and call events via any web browser as well !

  • Application runs in the background in the primary phone (even after restart of the phone)

  • Once the SMS arrives into the primary phone or you miss a call there you are immediately notified in the secondary device about it

  • Primary handset (Master) must be Android, the secondary one (Client) can be Android or Apple

  • SMS and calls events are transfered via mobile data or WiFi so there are no extra charges for SMS / call event forwarding

  • You can even respond to incoming SMS from your secondary device or web – such SMS will be delivered to the original sender as standard SMS as you would send it directly from your primary handset (and charged accordingly)
  • On the secondary device or web messages and call events are visible with the translation to names from contact list of your primary handset

All the communication is secured and encrypted via SSL !